As early as 2001, the CEO  of the company CEO Focus began to see small companies yearning for a way to handle small sales forces. There is simply no good way to manage 1-10  salespeople. They saw clients dealing with this “diseconomy of sales scale” in one of five ways:

1.  The business owner took time away from CEO functions to manage the sales force. Since CEOs typically do not like sales management, they invested little time in it and got little results.

2.  No one manages sales. Sure, it was cheap, but none of the benefits of professional sales management can accrue.

3.  Hire a cheap sales manager. This usually ended badly with the owner wishing they had skipped the expense as the person lacked the high-level skills needed.

4.  Hire a skilled sales manager. This solved the skill issue, but the cost of managing each employee was excessive.

5.  Promote a salesperson to a working sales manager. This solution made sense on paper but typically ended very badly. The salesperson stops selling and usually is not a great sales manager. Therefore the company got a double-whammy, lost sales and a bad sales manager.


Starting with a handful of customers in Indiana, the organization has grown to over twenty-five cities in North America. The SalesQB program started with a simple philosophy – high-caliber sales management can move companies to the next level.

In 2016 CEO Focus took this Fractional Sales Management™ (Contract Sales Management) program and created SalesQB. This robust framework helps companies benefit from super-star caliber sales management at a fraction of the cost.




Chris Chura / Owner



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