Step 1. Schedule a phone call or webinar.

Just fill out the "free consultation request" at the bottom of this page and tell me if you prefer a brief phone conversation or a 15-minute Join-Me webinar so we can learn about your needs, give an overview of the process and see if we are a good fit.

Step 3. Schedule a Meeting to Deliver and Review the report.

We meet at your office and review the results of this report, along with my recommendations on how to capitalize on your Areas of Opportunity in your company,  and improve the Areas that need Work.  Whether you decide to move forward with me or not, the Audit is yours to keep and use as your roadmap to improve your sales performance.

Step 4. Make the Decision to Engage Me as Your Contract Sales Manager

Step 2. Schedule a Meeting to analyze your needs.

We get together at your office (this meeting usually takes only an hour) and gather information that includes your current Sales Process and Sales Team performance - including your current Lead Generation system (if you have one), how you currently Leverage Technology (CRM, software tools, Social Media, Website/SEO, etc.) and your current Sales Management structure.

​After this meeting, I will compile a report identifying Areas of Opportunity in your company,  and Areas that need Work.

As a Contract Sales Manager I have much more success fine-tuning the sales process, marketing, technological leverage and sales management systems first, then look at improving the performance of individual sales people.