How To Grow Your Business

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There are many organizations that can get you leads but when companies use dozens of methods to generate them, it can be difficult to know which ones work the best. Sales success begins with effective lead generation - a high volume of leads generated at a reasonable cost per lead. 

All marketing is important, but it's vital to understand the methods that have the most impact so you can better leverage your lead generation and low cost per lead.


Is Technology Your Ally?

Today's technology (CRM, websites, social media, etc.) offers the promise of greater sales efficiency and enhanced customer experience. Technology works 24/7 so it should be an asset you’re using but which one works the best for you?  It’s not one size fits all!    The top-performing companies treat technology as a secret weapon. They understand that some of their competitors fear technology, are slow to change, or both.

Technology at its best offers a better customer experience at a lower cost to your Company.  Technology at its worst causes turmoil - both internal and external (customers) plus the bonus of excessive cost.

I help you find the right tech tools that can provide years of competitive advantage.


Create a Proven and Repeatable Sales Process

“Sales potential is only as good as the process you have in place.”  You need a  consistent and predictable sales system that all of your sales people can use – the average and good reps.  Together, we create this process and call it a Proven and Repeatable Sales Process (PRSP).

 After you have generated a sufficient supply of leads, a PRSP will ensure that each lead has maximum odds of closing, and your salespeople will excel.

  Once you have a PRSP, you will be able to: 1. Accurately predict future sales vs. guess and hope 2. Dial up the speed of your sales system to yield more sales 3. Be able to quickly on-board new sales reps 4. Turn average performers into much better performers 5. Hire inexperienced salespeople with great potential instead of relying on "old pros" 6. Lessen reliance on sales superstars



Improve Sales Management

Once we have generated enough leads, have created a Proven and Repeatable Sales Process, and are leveraging it with technology, the best opportunity lies in the area of Sales Management.  The aspects of great management are having productive sales meetings, creating and maintaining a sales pipeline report, and creating a system to follow up on lost deals, among other things.

 The final steps include coaching sales managers (if there is one) and individual sales reps, developing a recruiting plan that focuses on finding sales people in creative ways - hiring traits, not skills, and making the sales department run for less cost than the competition.