For small business owners, there is simply no good way to manage 1-10 salespeople. Most business owners usually deal with this “diseconomy of sales scale” in one of five ways:

1. No one manages sales.

2. The business owner takes time away from "CEO responsibilities" to manage the sales team. Most CEOs typically do not like sales management, so they invest little time and get little results.

3. They hire a skilled sales manager, which can solve the skill issue, but the cost is excessive.

4. They hire a cheap sales manager based on their budget. This usually is not a good fit as the person lacks the high-level skills needed.

5. Promote their best salesperson to sales manager. This is most often not a good move as the salesperson stops selling and lacks the skill to perform at this level.




There is a better way to increase revenue, hire and manage the salespeople and create accountability with your sales team than what business owners have been doing for the last 50 years!

1. I can fill the role of VP of Sales for companies that have a Sales Manager who may not be properly prepared for the sales manager role. I evaluate, coach and set the sales strategy in alignment with the goals of the business owner. This can include sales process development, CRM implementation or proper use, and lead generation.

2. For companies that have 1-10 sales reps that need a sales manager, I take the role of Fractional Sales Manager, at a "fraction" of the cost of hiring a full-time Sales Manager, with better and predictable results.


I work with the CEOs and business owners to learn what results they're looking for from their sales team and then go about designing and implementing a Proven Repeatable Sales Process (PRSP) to achieve those results.


Unmanaged or under-managed sales forces are a financial drain on your business. If you are unhappy with your current process, and results from your sales team, and see the potential benefits of a Fractional Sales Manager,  click on the video below to learn more about how fractional Sales Management can help you grow sales. 

Have you ever asked yourself …

Do I have the time and patience to effectively manage the sales team?

How can I create accountability and fix my sales team?

Is there a better way to manage my sales team other than promoting my best salesperson or adding it to my list of responsibilities?

Can I just outsource the management of the sales team?