Ever considered outsourcing your Sales Management to a Professional "Contract" Sales Manager? 



According to Glassdoor.com as of 2/24/20, the average base pay (not including commissions/bonuses) for a Sales Manager in St. Louis is about $92K and could go as high as $135K!  

I’m Chris Chura, owner of Chura Consulting LLC. I work with small-medium size business owners in St. Louis and the surrounding areas by being their Contract Sales Manager.  Whats a Contract Sales Manager?

Well, hiring "superstar" sales reps and managers is fine for the Fortune 500 companies but it's too expensive for the small business owner! Also, business owners have too many things on their plate to take care of and most of them don't want to run the sales department! Contracting me as your sales manager takes the burden of sales management off your shoulders and let's you concentrate on other priorities. 

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